1. Magicman Competitor Research and Website Development: Forty Miles West conducted in-depth competitor research to understand the industry landscape. Based on these insights, a new website was designed and developed to outperform competitors and offer an enhanced user experience.
  2. Optimised URL Structure: An improved URL structure was devised to boost search engine visibility and organic rankings. This step was pivotal in enhancing Magicman’s online presence.
  3. WordPress Website: The new website was built on the WordPress platform, granting Magicman easier access to the backend for editing posts and custom post types. This user-friendly interface allowed for more seamless content management.
  4. Enhanced Quote/Estimation Form: A new quote and estimation form was developed to streamline data capture and bolster conversion rates. This user-focused form made it simpler for potential customers to engage with Magicman’s services.
  5. Technical SEO: Rigorous technical SEO optimised the website for search engines, ensuring better visibility and organic search performance.
  6. Online Marketing Management: Forty Miles West managed Magicman’s online marketing efforts, including PPC campaigns, to attract a targeted audience.
  7. Video and Content Creation: A series of engaging videos were produced to showcase Magicman’s services, while additional content was created for social media and other platforms to increase brand engagement.

In summary, the collaborative effort between Magicman and Forty Miles West has led to a remarkable transformation in the company’s online presence. With a faster, user-friendly website, improved SEO, and engaging content, Magicman has seen substantial growth in leads, online engagement, and brand visibility, positioning them for sustained success in the digital landscape. This case study exemplifies the value of a comprehensive digital strategy in driving business growth and enhancing customer engagement.