1. Bespoke Website Design: Our team created a stunning, responsive website that elegantly presented Pomona Living’s Airbnb rental properties and interior design and restoration services. The design was tailored to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication.
  2. Branding: Our lead designer set the foundation with a stunning on-brand logo design, colour palette and UX mockup of the website page templates.
  3. Integration of Businesses: The website seamlessly integrated the two aspects of Pomona Living’s business – Airbnb rentals and interior design. This allowed visitors to explore both services in a unified and coherent manner.
  4. Custom Development: Custom development facilitated content management on the website’s backend, making it easy for the Pomona Living team to update property listings and showcase their design work.
  5. “Happy Valley” Blog Posts: To leverage the heightened interest in the Calderdale Valley due to the TV series “Happy Valley,” we created engaging blog posts that tapped into the show’s popularity and highlighted the region’s attractions, increasing overall awareness.

In summary, the collaboration between Pomona Living and Forty Miles West transformed their digital presence, showcasing their Airbnb rental properties and interior design expertise in a unified, engaging manner. The integration of their services, combined with custom website development and strategic content creation, led to increased bookings and awareness. This case study underscores the power of seamless digital integration and content strategy in enhancing brand success and user engagement in the competitive Airbnb and interior design sectors.